2017 PRC Awards


The search is on for the 2017 PRC Outstanding Professional of the Year, Outstanding Professional Organization of the Year and Nubla Excellence Awardee. Please click the link below for more details.

 2017 PRC Awards


2016 Clinical Pharmacy Summit

World Pharmacists Day


Winner of PPhA-PACOP's Choice (as judged by a panel of judges based on the disseminated criteria): Entry No. 4  Inscription

University of San Agustin

Winner of People's Choice (based on the most number of "likes"): Entry No. 5  PMT Faculty

University of San Agustin

6 Finalist Video Making Contest



Our Lady of Fatima University - Valenzuela
Winner of the PPhA-PACOP Poster-making contest for the 2015 World Pharmacists Day Celebration

TRUST A PHARMACIST: A hero of new generation,
an expert provider of quality medication information

The roles of pharmacists in improving patient health outcomes have undoubtedly become more and more significant.

Historically, pharmacists’ functions in healthcare are centered mainly on compounding and dispensing medications. However, these traditional roles have expanded over time to include more direct patient care, such as primary care and disease management services, and these continue to evolve nowadays.

With this shift, greater and more defined roles and responsibilities of pharmacists in the health care system arise. These include medication management and reconciliation, preventive services, and provision of accurate drug information not only to patients but also to health care professionals like doctors, nurses and other allied health professionals and laymen. Pharmacists then become an integral component of the health care system where the primary goal is to improve patients quality of life.

The poster symbolically expresses the requisite roles of pharmacists in the system. The elements at the center represent pharmacists around the world performing his/her various roles and responsibilities. There are other healthcare practitioners (doctors and nurses), and other members of the society who have inevitable interactions with pharmacists. The sun epitomizes the rising standards of pharmacy practice. The houses represent strong built and construct. The gear and the Philippine flag symbolize continuous improvements of the practice in the country.

This coming World Pharmacists Day, Filipino pharmacists will celebrate their contributions as partners in health. Moving in one accord, pharmacists can provide the desirable patients’ health outcomes. Indeed, we cannot refute that pharmacists take an indispensable part in the health care system.




 The PPhA sincerely thanks the following for immediately responding to the call for donations for our fellow Pharmacists and other fellow Filipinos who were affected by typhoon YOLANDA;                                          CASH and IN KIND


1. Oriental Mindoro Chapter       -    Php 10,000.00

2. Bacolod Chapter                    -           10,000.00 + HK$ 20.00

3. Bulacan Chapter                     -             1,500.00 + 106 bottles Paracetamol syrup                                                                                          60   ml.

4. Cavite Chapter                       -           25,700.00

5. Fenny Tan                               -   10 bxs Water + 120 Loot bags

6. Joseph Wang                           -   US$  1,000.00

7. Dr. Soo Ja Nam                      -             1,000.00

8. FAPA                                      -             2,000.00

9. FIP                                          -  Euro   2,150.00

10. PAPPI                                   -  Php 100,000.00

11. PACOP                                 -          100,000.00

12. IPAP                                                     5,000.00

13. PSP                                                     50,000.00

14. Vilma Yiu                                             15,000.00

15. Rica Chan                                              5,500.00

16. UNILAB                                -   5  Cases of Assorted Medicines given FREE and 

                                                         30% discount to Assorted Medicines Purchased 

17. Mundipharma                          -   1 gallon + 288 bts. Betadine Antiseptic solution 7.5 ml.

18. U.P. College of Pharmacy        -   695 pcs Zinc Oxide + 2% Salicylic acid oint. 10 gms.

19. N.U. College of Pharmacy       -   348 tubes Zinc Oxide oint 10 gms. and

                                                          695 bots. Iodine Antiseptic solution 30 ml.

20. CEU Pharmacy Alumni Association       10,000.00

21. Bataeno Ka                                           17,900.00

22. Ilocos Norte                                          15,000.00

23. Misamis Oriental (CDO)                       10,000.00

24. Ms. Mita Leyesa       - Php 1,000.00 ( used to buy Host requested by Tacloban)

25. Engr. Salvador Ocampo -  10,000.00 (assorted medicines)

26. Arch. Teejay Ocampo    -    5,000.00 (asorted vitamins)

27. Lucena, Quezon Chapter -   50,000.00

28. Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte Pharmacists Association -   16.700.00



The PPhA also sincerely thank  Mr. Luc Besancon of FIP, who connected us to Ms. Trudi Hilton and Dr. Jorge Morales of the International Health Partners (IHP) who is donating a significant volume of medicines as per priority list of DOH (medicines now on transit). I am therefore calling our fellow Pharmacists to sign in as a show of your willingness to help when we mobilize PHARMACISTS to the affected areas. We will soon be doing this to sustain the supply of medicines as our foreign counterparts are slowly moving out from the concerned places. Give your names and contact no. to the PPhA Office.   


Your donations and support definitely will go a long way in our efforts to help our fellow Filipinos.


Leonila M Ocampo, RPh, M.S.


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